Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Whale Child

When a big volcano erupts near her village, a young girl is swept out to sea in a canoe. Lost and afraid, she is rescued by Mother Whale, who guides her to the safety of a warm, quiet bay. After Mother Whale gives birth, the baby whale and the little girl form a magical connection. Moving as one, the whale and girl—now called Whale Child—give each other strength and spirit. And together they must find a way back to the girl’s village. Whale Child “A fantastic voyage through the interconnected worlds of nature and spirit! Highly recommended as a fun and informative adventure for young readers.” Daniel Cartamil PHD Marine Biologist, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Victoria, BC These children have the most inquisitive minds! Great questions!

Great questions!

Touring The Lakes Forest District in Northern BC

It was my great pleasure to re-visit the northern BC school in October. Decker Lake, Fran├žoise Lake, Burns Lake and Babine Lake are wonderful school with terrific staff and amazing children.